Protein Product Review

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Risks Of Too Much Protein In Your Meal Plan

Risks of muscle milk

Human beings only require a moderate consumption of protein in their diet to keep up fine well-being. We must not intake more than 12 – Fifteen percent of our daily energy from protein. Excessive protein consumption puts us at great danger for developing various health problems. Additionally, they take protein powder products that leads them into greater risks.

Proteins are carried out up of building blocks called amino acids, and execute a few vital functions in the human body. Said functions incorporate building cells, bones, and muscles, manufacturing blood cells and hormones and helping in the brain development of youngsters.

The human body can only build Risks Of Too Much Protein In Your Meal Plan 13 of these amino acids which are identified as non-essential amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids, which could be obtained from foodstuff origins only. If a foodstuff source supplies sufficient amount of the essential amino acids, it’s recognized as a complete protein. Sources of complete proteins comprise meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, and milk products. Proteins in foodstuff for instance grains, fruits, and vegetables are incomplete proteins and lack one or more of the essential amino acids. Plant proteins could be joined in order to include all the essential amino acids. For example, rice beans present complete protein when they’re combined.

The Dangers of Too Much Protein

Heavy metals in protein powder

Although high protein diets are perfectly safe for most people, it is possible to get too much protein in your diet, and this can be just as detrimental as not getting enough. There are some health conditions that can be caused by having too much protein, so it is essential to make sure that there is the right balance of protein and other nutrients in your diet. Some of the problems that can arise from having too much protein in your diet include:

-Heart Failure – There are high levels of heavy metals found in brands such as the well known protein shake brand, Muscle Milk. These heavy metals can lead to heart failure.

– High Cholesterol – There are certain foods that are linked to high cholesterol, including red meat and dairy products. These are both on high protein diets, so it is important to make sure that meats are as lean as possible and that dairy product are low or non-fat.

– Cancer – We need to have a certain amount of good carbohydrates in our diets, and when on a low carbohydrate diet, it is important to make sure that the good ones are included. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants that we need to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

– Kidney Stones – Too much protein in the diet can cause people to have more calcium in their urine than normal, which can lead to kidney stones, as well as osteoporosis.

It’s needless for human beings to intake too much protein in their diets. In case we consume an excessive amount of protein, we’ll be at danger for developing numerous well-being issues.

My Experience With One Of The Best Dentists In Irvine, CA

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Dentist at 113 Waterworks Way Ste in Orange county


Finding yourself in the middle of a dental emergency while vacationing in a different city is a nightmarish thought for most people, especially when that city is also a place you have gone for the first time. Unfortunately I found myself in that exact position last year while on holiday in a city called Irvine, California in Orange County

My girlfriend and I had been looking forward to the trip and planning it for a number of months. My work is stressful and I was really needing the break away.

About 3 days into the vacation I started to feel the first signs of pain in the back of my mouth and within 24 hours this had become progressively worse to the point where I was unable to even sleep. An infection had somehow gotten into a section of the gum around one of wisdom teeth and it was clear I needed to get to a dentist as soon as possible.

Fortunately I asked around and I was highly recommended a dentists other locals of Irvine were visiting and recommending. This was a Godsend to say the least. Additionally I wanted to double check their recommendations on the web through googling: Dentist Irvine, CA.

I quickly found the best Irvine Dentist from a site called, – A directory which highly recommended a place called called “Smile by Deign Dental Group” located at Irvine Medical Arts Building ;113 Waterworks Way Ste in Orange county. Aside from the personal recommendations what attracted me the most was that the dentist had trained internationally and that the clinic was equipped with all the latest in dental technology. For some reason my mind immediately equates lots of technology with ‘less pain’.

Upon seeing Dr.Choi immediately I was to relax, I found his nature to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. He quickly identified the problem and prescribed me a course of antibiotics to fix it. This was necessary before any dental work could be carried out. 3 days later I was back in the chair and underwent a procedure about an hour long to clear the problem for good.

For anyone visiting Irvine city in California and finding themselves in a similar position to me and is in need of a dentist, I would highly recommend that you first consult the opinion and advice of other experts living there. Speaking personally I can highly recommend Smile Design Dental Group as one of the nicest and most qualified dentists you’ll find anywhere in California.


Happy Dogs at Pet Care Plus

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Pet Care Plus

Just like human beings need care so do the dogs. I recently had a great experience at Pet Care Plus. The place was a fully facility that ever dog needs such as a day boarding, daycare, grooming, training or simply a walk. The location is located in Chicago with 10,000 square feet area of space for dogs to move and enjoy their time with other dogs. Their team had ample knowledge of the animal world, and they have been in this business for over years. They don’t differentiate dogs just by their size, but they understand the requirements of each dog individually and provide the space accordingly.

They also provide extra care in case if the owners had special requirements for our pet. They have different areas for dogs to play from and. For instance, if some dogs needed private space to stretch their legs or move or play they provide it for him/her. They also make the environment so friendly and stress-free that no dogs feel that being in a day care is being in a cage. In their schedule, they have also included a time for dogs to sleep so that they don’t feel uneasy and can enjoy their day in a much better and healthy way.

Pet Care Plus had one of the best dog grooming services that I have experienced so far. It had the best facility that they are providing to properly groom dogs in a safe and painless way. Their grooming techniques for bathing provided a safe and secure feeling for pets. Coming in, my pet was nervous at first but got use to the friendly staff member. The employees did everything they could to keep my dog cleaner and healthier than before. They took the pain out of having to get my big furry dog a bath personally.

Pet care plus knows that dogs too have life and meant to be enjoyed in their ways with a clean, healthier and happy body. This service could do you much good, don’t be left out.

Great Sit-in Coffee Shop – Coffee Studio Chicago

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Coffee Studio

Tasty Coffee Shop With a Great Deal for Style to it

On our journey to Chicago we were lucky enough to lodge in a nice place in Andersonville, and one day just round the corner we stumbled upon the Coffee Studio. It seemed a bit posh from the outside, but when you get in you just don’t want to leave. Cup after cup – impeccable coffee, made by nicest baristas you can find. Different brews, some delicious bagels and doughnuts to go with every cup, Wi-Fi to distract you. I loved that they have a shop, and you can buy almost everything they use to make coffee to try it at home – a great selection of coffee beans, and very good tea.

The style of the place is gorgeous, you can see attention to every detail, so that you feel surrounded with things that satisfy your every sense. You have the great taste of coffee, the splendid aroma that only a good coffee shop can have, and you feast your eyes on the design. What gave me the most satisfaction, as an art lover, is that they exhibit fine pieces of photo artistry on their walls. As i get it, these change from time to time, so that you see different artists, and never get bored to come back. I had a hunch, and googling a bit understood that i wasn’t wrong thinking that owners of the place are related to design in some way.

They did a great job – each choice of product shows how much they cared for the place. Local coffee, skilled baristas, good machinery, not overly sophisticated with food (if you come for coffee, you don’t want to be distracted from it’s taste), and a joy to your eyes because of the design and pieces of art. I’m sure to look for a place to stay near that coffee shop for my next trip to Chicago.

Choosing a Great Online Chicago Coffee Store

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Ipsento Online Chicago Coffee Store


Looking for the best Chicago Coffee Shop? Do your homework first! Coffee is coffee, right? Wrong! Quality coffee is the good coffee. Ignorance is bliss, yes? Wrong again! An informed consumer is always ahead of the game. Choosing your Chicago Coffee is not any different from picking out a holiday ham. You are fussy about the bread you buy or how much sugar is hiding in your kid’s cereal. Be discriminating about your coffee. Be informed. The informed coffee consumer is always ahead of the game. From the freshly roasted coffee beans, all the way to the cup you use, choose your coffee wisely,

Recently I tried the online coffee store: If you start with fresh, you get fresh. Quality gourmet coffee is roasted hours before shipping and is at your doorstep within…at the most a week of roasting. It should arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag with a breathing seal. Starting with fresh, high-quality beans means being willing to settle for nothing less than the best high-quality coffee beans you can find. Most sites that sell coffee offer fresh ground coffee beans as an option. If you don’t own a coffee grinder, this may work for you until you can purchase one. Purchasing coffee from one of the coffee sites offering this option will at least ensure that your coffee is reasonably fresh. However, it needs to be used up right away or stored properly. If you buy coffee already ground, you as the consumer want to bear in mind that already ground coffee loses the original quality quickly. Storing coffee in a mason jar with a tight lid on a cool shelf in the pantry is a wonderful way to keep it palatable for up to a month.

Ever purchase ground coffee in the store, open the can, take a whiff, and it smells wonderful? Inside of 24 hours that same can of coffee will not only lose potency but will smell like it’s been sitting there on the counter for months (a trained nose detects this after a little bit of practice). There are two basic reasons for this phenomenon:

1. The Chicago Coffee Shop is gleaned from poor quality beans to maximize the profit margins of the mass producing retail market industry. These coffee beans are either low-quality arabica beans, or they are robusta beans, which are like a weed in the coffee world.

2. The coffee was roasted months ago; vacuum sealed, and the quality of the fresh roasted coffee beans is broken down significantly. This is done to meet mass demand in a hurry.

Here is a video on how they package coffee:

A Day at Grand Nails Chicago – A Chicago Nails Salon Review

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Grand Nails Salon Manicure and Pedicure

One of the best discoveries we made during our recent trip to Chicago was the Grand Nails salon at 1231 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60610. while wondering what nails salon Chicago has to offer. we had gone in on an impulse, lured by the upscale, elegant exterior, but the inside experience changed us into lifelong customers of Grand Nails.

The three of us, two of my best friends and I, went in for a simple pedicure, but in the end did much more than that because of the spa like treatments and the fine customer service at Grand Nails. The services included your traditional manicure and pedicure along with acrylic nails, nail art, gel nails, Shellac gel, and waxing. The products used are deluxe brands including CND, OPI and Essie. We knew we were given the most authentic and hygienic products and treatment.

Cecilia, my friend who wanted a pedicure, opted for The Organic Dream’ which included organic aromatherapy, exfoliating mask, sugar scrubs, lotion and stone massage, cuticle and callus removal, a relaxing hot towel wrap, organic massage and your choice of nail polish, all for a discounted rate. The rate was so attractive that Cecil went for manicure, and eyelash, and eyebrow tinting also. We just had to sign up for the discounted rate, which we promptly did and availed of the discount.
Emma, on the other hand, had not wanted to do anything, but was so enamoured by the reasonable price and the personalized customer service that she chose to do the Majestic Manicure’. The full package included mud mask, paraffin treatments, cuticle removal, honey butter massage, a relaxing hot towel wrap and nail polish. She could choose the nail polish from among an array of quality products. She went for the tropical polish.

Acrylic Nails at Grand Nails

Acrylic Nails at Grand Nails

As for me, I was indulging myself with the Classic Shellac Gel Combo’, which was truly one of the best experiences of my life! I had both pedicure and manicure, in the most modern and cozy spa chairs I had ever seen! I wanted to do a Brazilian wax since I felt very sure of the hygiene there, but dropped the plan since we were hard pressed for time. I promised myself that I would return to Grand Nails as soon as possible for a full face waxing.

To add to my amazement at the grandeur of the place and unique service, I learnt that Grand Nails had special services for kids aged 11 and below. I vowed that I would bring my twin daughters to Grand Nails in the next school holiday. Well, that would be the perfect time for my own waxing too!

I was glad to know the place is available for hosting private events. I booked it for my niece’s 18th birthday celebration, which is just two months away. I am thinking of getting Grand Nails to my own house for a ladies only year-end party.

Overall, Grand Nails was an experience in relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration, for the three of us. In terms of accessibility, luxury, cutting edge fashion and techniques, commitment to quality, affordability and personalized customer service, we have found it to be the best nail salon we have been to. Grand nails, in a word, is just grand!

Overall: We encourage you to visit Grand Nails Salon when you are in town. While you are relaxing, get your self a beautiful set of Chicago nails.

DreamTown Real Estate Company Review

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Dream Town Logo

My family and I recently went on a house hunt for a vacation home in Chicago when I came across Dreamtown real estate company. They are extremely helpful when it came to choosing the homes I wanted. My family and I were thrilled to get the type of house I was looking for through them. They were extremely professional and at the same time helpful. In fact, they know what each of their clients wants. I didn’t have to explain much and they knew what I was looking for. This is extremely helpful for a person who does not know what they want until they see it!

Dream Town Chicago Real Estate

Why are they the best?

The Dreamtown Realty has over 73,000 Chicago home listings, so picking one wasn’t difficult. In fact, due to so many options, any client is bound to get their dream home. Interestingly, the company provides a homebuyers guide. I just needed to fill it up with my details and a representative got in touch. The company also provides stepwise assistance such as market analysis, understanding your need and finally offering you the best option. Above all, they have a team of ABR or Accredited Buyer’s Representative who are the best you can get. In addition to the ABR, they make an effort to match you with your representative who helps you from the beginning to the end until you buy your dream home.

Real Estate Agent: Johnny Phan

The representative that was assigned to me was Johnny Phan. I was extremely satisfied because he was undoubtedly the best person for the job. Being a resident of Chicago he knew the place very well and that helped me a lot since I was out of town. Over time he has adapted to my taste for certain homes and eventually found us the perfect one! He has joy and pride in the work he did and it showed in the results of his hard work. He even showed me several options, which were better than what I was expecting to get. You can check out his site at:

In the end, my family and I were able to get the vacation home that we wanted and we give the credit to Johnny Phan at Dreamtown Realty!

The Beauty of Chicago’s Millennium Park

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Chicago-bean-329248 1280-2

On your first visit to the park, I encourage you to stop by the Millennium Park Welcome Center. It’s located at 201 E. Randolph Street in the Northwest Exelon Pavilion. The Welcome Center can provide you with information about the park, including maps and program schedules.

Once at the park, you are welcome to wander around at your pace, or you can take advantage of one of the several tours offered by the park. One option is a self-guided Millennium Park audio tour, which is available for rental in the Chicago Shop at the park. You can also download the tour to your MP3 player. Another option is the informal walking tour provided by The Millennium Park Chicago Greeters. These tours are available every Wednesday – Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, during the summer season. The free, 45-minute tours are intended for individuals or small groups. Millennium Park Greeter tours are seasonal and not available October 1 through April 1.

Chicago’s remarkable Millennium park is more than just another city park. It is a celebration of landscape design, architecture, and sculpture which has already won numerous awards. If you plan on shopping along Chicago’s famous State Street, the park is just a few blocks east and would be a great end to a day of shopping and sightseeing in Chicago. It’s open daily from 6 am – 11 pm and admission are always free.

One of the great things about Millennium Park is that the entire park is accessible to people with disabilities. Free Wheelchair rental is available at the Welcome Center, and special provisions have been made throughout the park for visitors with different disabilities.

Here are a couple of free attractions available at the park for you to enjoy:

1. The designed Jay-Frank Gehry Pritzker Pavilion. The Pritzker Pavilion is home to free concerts and events throughout the year.

2. The Crown interactive Fountain by Plensa Jaume. This is probably my favorite addition to the park. The fountain consists of 2 fifty-foot glass block towers which display images and video.

3. The Lurie contemporary Garden. This beautiful public garden was designed by the team of Kathryn Gustafson, Piet Oudolf, and Robert Israel. The garden is always evolving and changing throughout the year, however, it’s most colorful time begins in June and lasts throughout autumn.

4. The Millennium Park Ice Rink, which is located directly next to the Park Grill. The ice rink is open from mid-November through mid-March. Obviously, weather permitting. During warm-weather months the Ice Rink is used as a 150-seat outdoor dining area.

5. Don’t forget to check out Anish Kapoor’s hugely popular Cloud Gate sculpture on the AT&T Plaza. It’s better known as “The Bean.” Trust me; you’ll understand why when you see it.

After exploring the park and all, it has to offer you might get a little hungry. Don’t worry. Millennium Park Chicago has several dining options. You can find refreshments available for purchase on the east and west sides of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and at concession carts located around the park.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to visit the City of Chicago stores where you can get official Millennium Park and Chicago souvenirs, including hats, T-Shirts, towels, pins and more.