Great Sit-in Coffee Shop – Coffee Studio Chicago

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Coffee Studio

Tasty Coffee Shop With a Great Deal for Style to it

On our journey to Chicago we were lucky enough to lodge in a nice place in Andersonville, and one day just round the corner we stumbled upon the Coffee Studio. It seemed a bit posh from the outside, but when you get in you just don’t want to leave. Cup after cup – impeccable coffee, made by nicest baristas you can find. Different brews, some delicious bagels and doughnuts to go with every cup, Wi-Fi to distract you. I loved that they have a shop, and you can buy almost everything they use to make coffee to try it at home – a great selection of coffee beans, and very good tea.

The style of the place is gorgeous, you can see attention to every detail, so that you feel surrounded with things that satisfy your every sense. You have the great taste of coffee, the splendid aroma that only a good coffee shop can have, and you feast your eyes on the design. What gave me the most satisfaction, as an art lover, is that they exhibit fine pieces of photo artistry on their walls. As i get it, these change from time to time, so that you see different artists, and never get bored to come back. I had a hunch, and googling a bit understood that i wasn’t wrong thinking that owners of the place are related to design in some way.

They did a great job – each choice of product shows how much they cared for the place. Local coffee, skilled baristas, good machinery, not overly sophisticated with food (if you come for coffee, you don’t want to be distracted from it’s taste), and a joy to your eyes because of the design and pieces of art. I’m sure to look for a place to stay near that coffee shop for my next trip to Chicago.