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My family and I recently went on a house hunt for a vacation home in Chicago when I came across Dreamtown real estate company. They are extremely helpful when it came to choosing the homes I wanted. My family and I were thrilled to get the type of house I was looking for through them. They were extremely professional and at the same time helpful. In fact, they know what each of their clients wants. I didn’t have to explain much and they knew what I was looking for. This is extremely helpful for a person who does not know what they want until they see it!

Dream Town Chicago Real Estate

Why are they the best?

The Dreamtown Realty has over 73,000 Chicago home listings, so picking one wasn’t difficult. In fact, due to so many options, any client is bound to get their dream home. Interestingly, the company provides a homebuyers guide. I just needed to fill it up with my details and a representative got in touch. The company also provides stepwise assistance such as market analysis, understanding your need and finally offering you the best option. Above all, they have a team of ABR or Accredited Buyer’s Representative who are the best you can get. In addition to the ABR, they make an effort to match you with your representative who helps you from the beginning to the end until you buy your dream home.

Real Estate Agent: Johnny Phan

The representative that was assigned to me was Johnny Phan. I was extremely satisfied because he was undoubtedly the best person for the job. Being a resident of Chicago he knew the place very well and that helped me a lot since I was out of town. Over time he has adapted to my taste for certain homes and eventually found us the perfect one! He has joy and pride in the work he did and it showed in the results of his hard work. He even showed me several options, which were better than what I was expecting to get. You can check out his site at: www.johnnyphan.com

In the end, my family and I were able to get the vacation home that we wanted and we give the credit to Johnny Phan at Dreamtown Realty!

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