A Day at Grand Nails Chicago – A Chicago Nails Salon Review

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Grand Nails Salon Manicure and Pedicure

One of the best discoveries we made during our recent trip to Chicago was the Grand Nails salon at 1231 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60610. while wondering what nails salon Chicago has to offer. we had gone in on an impulse, lured by the upscale, elegant exterior, but the inside experience changed us into lifelong customers of Grand Nails.

The three of us, two of my best friends and I, went in for a simple pedicure, but in the end did much more than that because of the spa like treatments and the fine customer service at Grand Nails. The services included your traditional manicure and pedicure along with acrylic nails, nail art, gel nails, Shellac gel, and waxing. The products used are deluxe brands including CND, OPI and Essie. We knew we were given the most authentic and hygienic products and treatment.

Cecilia, my friend who wanted a pedicure, opted for The Organic Dream’ which included organic aromatherapy, exfoliating mask, sugar scrubs, lotion and stone massage, cuticle and callus removal, a relaxing hot towel wrap, organic massage and your choice of nail polish, all for a discounted rate. The rate was so attractive that Cecil went for manicure, and eyelash, and eyebrow tinting also. We just had to sign up for the discounted rate, which we promptly did and availed of the discount.
Emma, on the other hand, had not wanted to do anything, but was so enamoured by the reasonable price and the personalized customer service that she chose to do the Majestic Manicure’. The full package included mud mask, paraffin treatments, cuticle removal, honey butter massage, a relaxing hot towel wrap and nail polish. She could choose the nail polish from among an array of quality products. She went for the tropical polish.

Acrylic Nails at Grand Nails

Acrylic Nails at Grand Nails

As for me, I was indulging myself with the Classic Shellac Gel Combo’, which was truly one of the best experiences of my life! I had both pedicure and manicure, in the most modern and cozy spa chairs I had ever seen! I wanted to do a Brazilian wax since I felt very sure of the hygiene there, but dropped the plan since we were hard pressed for time. I promised myself that I would return to Grand Nails as soon as possible for a full face waxing.

To add to my amazement at the grandeur of the place and unique service, I learnt that Grand Nails had special services for kids aged 11 and below. I vowed that I would bring my twin daughters to Grand Nails in the next school holiday. Well, that would be the perfect time for my own waxing too!

I was glad to know the place is available for hosting private events. I booked it for my niece’s 18th birthday celebration, which is just two months away. I am thinking of getting Grand Nails to my own house for a ladies only year-end party.

Overall, Grand Nails was an experience in relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration, for the three of us. In terms of accessibility, luxury, cutting edge fashion and techniques, commitment to quality, affordability and personalized customer service, we have found it to be the best nail salon we have been to. Grand nails, in a word, is just grand!

Overall: We encourage you to visit Grand Nails Salon when you are in town. While you are relaxing, get your self a beautiful set of Chicago nails.

4 thoughts on “A Day at Grand Nails Chicago – A Chicago Nails Salon Review

  1. I saw this post on social media and actually went to the salon to checked it out. The placed ambience looked even more amazing than the picture posted here! But the review was dead on. The nail salon really made the effort to stand out compared to the surrounding nails salons nearby.

    • Denis, thanks for stopping by our blog and thank you for leaving a comment!

      I agree, they really went above and beyond with the way the salon was built.

      – Lauren

    • Sasha,

      I’m sorry the experience wasn’t quite there for you. I think it really just depends on the nail technician when it comes to nail salons. There are just some that are better than others.


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