Happy Dogs at Pet Care Plus

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Pet Care Plus

Just like human beings need care so do the dogs. I recently had a great experience at Pet Care Plus. The place was a fully facility that ever dog needs such as a day boarding, daycare, grooming, training or simply a walk. The location is located in Chicago with 10,000 square feet area of space for dogs to move and enjoy their time with other dogs. Their team had ample knowledge of the animal world, and they have been in this business for over years. They don’t differentiate dogs just by their size, but they understand the requirements of each dog individually and provide the space accordingly.

They also provide extra care in case if the owners had special requirements for our pet. They have different areas for dogs to play from and. For instance, if some dogs needed private space to stretch their legs or move or play they provide it for him/her. They also make the environment so friendly and stress-free that no dogs feel that being in a day care is being in a cage. In their schedule, they have also included a time for dogs to sleep so that they don’t feel uneasy and can enjoy their day in a much better and healthy way.

Pet Care Plus had one of the best dog grooming services that I have experienced so far. It had the best facility that they are providing to properly groom dogs in a safe and painless way. Their grooming techniques for bathing provided a safe and secure feeling for pets. Coming in, my pet was nervous at first but got use to the friendly staff member. The employees did everything they could to keep my dog cleaner and healthier than before. They took the pain out of having to get my big furry dog a bath personally.

Pet care plus knows that dogs too have life and meant to be enjoyed in their ways with a clean, healthier and happy body. This service could do you much good, don’t be left out.

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