Protein Product Review

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Risks Of Too Much Protein In Your Meal Plan

Risks of muscle milk

Human beings only require a moderate consumption of protein in their diet to keep up fine well-being. We must not intake more than 12 – Fifteen percent of our daily energy from protein. Excessive protein consumption puts us at great danger for developing various health problems. Additionally, they take protein powder products that leads them into greater risks.

Proteins are carried out up of building blocks called amino acids, and execute a few vital functions in the human body. Said functions incorporate building cells, bones, and muscles, manufacturing blood cells and hormones and helping in the brain development of youngsters.

The human body can only build Risks Of Too Much Protein In Your Meal Plan 13 of these amino acids which are identified as non-essential amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids, which could be obtained from foodstuff origins only. If a foodstuff source supplies sufficient amount of the essential amino acids, it’s recognized as a complete protein. Sources of complete proteins comprise meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, and milk products. Proteins in foodstuff for instance grains, fruits, and vegetables are incomplete proteins and lack one or more of the essential amino acids. Plant proteins could be joined in order to include all the essential amino acids. For example, rice beans present complete protein when they’re combined.

The Dangers of Too Much Protein

Heavy metals in protein powder

Although high protein diets are perfectly safe for most people, it is possible to get too much protein in your diet, and this can be just as detrimental as not getting enough. There are some health conditions that can be caused by having too much protein, so it is essential to make sure that there is the right balance of protein and other nutrients in your diet. Some of the problems that can arise from having too much protein in your diet include:

-Heart Failure – There are high levels of heavy metals found in brands such as the well known protein shake brand, Muscle Milk. These heavy metals can lead to heart failure.

– High Cholesterol – There are certain foods that are linked to high cholesterol, including red meat and dairy products. These are both on high protein diets, so it is important to make sure that meats are as lean as possible and that dairy product are low or non-fat.

– Cancer – We need to have a certain amount of good carbohydrates in our diets, and when on a low carbohydrate diet, it is important to make sure that the good ones are included. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants that we need to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

– Kidney Stones – Too much protein in the diet can cause people to have more calcium in their urine than normal, which can lead to kidney stones, as well as osteoporosis.

It’s needless for human beings to intake too much protein in their diets. In case we consume an excessive amount of protein, we’ll be at danger for developing numerous well-being issues.